Screen printing is an accessible and practical way to produce a limitless number of near identical images. Arguably the most versatile medium in the vast pantheon of printing, screens can be used both artistically and commercially on virtually any material.

Based on technology that has evolved over thousands of years, modern screen printing utilizes a polymer mesh stretched taut over a frame which is then coated with a thin layer of photosensitive emulsion. A transparency with a design is laid between the emulsion and a UV light table that exposes a positive transfer, creating a stencil of the original design. When ink is pushed through the screen with a squeegee the image is set onto whatever substrate is desired, be it paper, textiles, ceramic, glass, wood or plastics.

From the expressive to photorealistic, screen printing opens gateways into concepts of design and drafting that are invaluable to any artist.

Lessons cost $145, where over a four hour session we will cover the entire process of screen printing including:

  • Graphic preparation
  • Creating a film positive transparency
  • Coating a screen with emulsion
  • Exposing the screen
  • Washing out design
  • Registration
  • Printing
  • Reclaiming screens

Group lessons are also available.

Discount price for students.

Students are encouraged to bring their own design as well as their own paper or textiles.
Materials are also available for purchase.

After a lesson students will be certified for studio rental.